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MEMORANDUM FOR:   ALL CADETS FROM:    Capt. Carlos J. Vega.    SUBJECT:​ Safety 

Taking into consideration the change in winter temperatures and as a preventive measure to avoid injuries or any kind of safety issue. Effective immediately, it is mandatory for all cadets to follow the instructions below. 

 1.  Safety Vest - Safety vests will be worn at all times while performing any outside evening activity.

 ​a.  If you don't have a safety vest, let your Flight Sergeantt know.  We will lend you one until you can get your own vest

​b.  Safety Vest can be yellow, lime green or orangeYellow is preferable for uniformity. 

2.  Temperatures

a. All outside activities will supervised and monitored according to CAPR 62-2 Cadet Protection Program.

b. On all outside activities, winter jacket, coat, or fleece will be worn at all times. We prefer the use of green winter fleece for uniformity, but any type of fleece is acceptable SAFETY FIRST

c.  If you use the official green fleece all CAP patches have to be used according to CAP uniform regulation CAPR 39-1.

d. If it is necessary, (cadet choice) for extra protection, cadets are authorized to use only green or black watch cap. No other color or any designs are authorized.

 Your safety is our number one priority. If you have any question regarding safety and or uniform don’t hesitate to ask.





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