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Cadet Encampment

Connecticut Wing has announced its 2022 encampment. This year encampment will be from August 20 to August 27. If you are thinking or if you interested in participating let CPT Vega know, he will send you the forms, some of the forms have to be signed by a doctor. I will also send you an updated equipment list. Consider the CADET ENCAMPMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM regardless of your economic situation. NOTE: SPACES FILL UP FAST.


When answering this question: "What do you need to support your participation at encampment?"

USE THIS OPTION: I need help with BOTH tuition and uniforms

Please select below which best describes your family's financial situation

USE THIS OPTION: 1st Priority Cadets.

CEAP for Summer encampments will open 1 Mar 2022. Please also be aware that uniform items may be delayed by slower mail delivery during the holiday season and item availability due to backorders. Encampments are added as the wings share the information. Please be aware that COVID-19 travel restrictions may limit cadets to keeping within their home Wing.

Cadets considering participation as cadet staff (second encampment). You need to let CPT Vega know ASAP and send me your CAP resume ASAP.

SENIOR MEMBERS if you are considering participation either full time or part-time, please let CPT Vega know. (To earn encampment credit Senior members need 32 hours of service)

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