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Unit History

The CT Minuteman Composite Squadron was formed on 6 July 1982 from the consolidation of the East Shore Cadet Squadron and the West Haven Senior Squadron.

LTC Paul Zakur was the first unit commander having been the last commander of the East Shore Cadet Squadron that had been meeting in the Branford Armory. In 1983 the unit moved to Tweed New Haven Airport in its current location and was turned over to LTC (then MAJ) Thomas P Hurley, who transferred from CAP Group 7 Wright Patterson AFB OH to the unit after coming off active duty as a Captain with the USAF.  The building T304 dates back to 1942 and was part of the WWII buildings built to defend the airport from seaward attacks from the harbor. At the end of the war, all of the other installations were removed and T304 was turned over to the airport.  In the 1950's, the building was turned over for use to CT Wing for use principally as a storage area and for many years stored the instruments for the CT Wing Band. In 1982, due to scheduling conflicts with the unit meeting nights and the National Guard's needs, the East Shore unit had to move to another facility. The West Haven Senior Squadron was having similar meeting place issues in West Haven and it was decided to create a new Cadet and Senior member Composite squadron. The CT Minuteman Composite Squadron was issued its charter in July 1982. The unit originally met in school buildings and the Fort Nathan Hale Coast Guard facility since the T304 building had no winter capability at that time. Over time heat and air conditioning were added and the building internal offices were constructed and the building became fully operational as the unit's headquarters. The building is now recognized by it street address 62 Thompson Ave. Among the unit's many accomplishments are two Squadron of Merit Awards.

In 2016, the  64 Thompson Ave building was donated to the CAP by the now defunct CT Airline Pilots Association. The building is being renovated at this time.

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