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 It is an honor and privilege to let you know that our unit received the QUALITY CADET UNIT AWARD. 

 This award rewards units whose Senior members make an extra effort to extra training on Cadet Program, Cadets Staff who help cadets give their best, and cadets who do what they have to do to improve themselves.

For those who think that we only seek recognition and Awards… this is why we do it.

The Awards required 3 Senior with Training Leaders of Cadet course we have 6

It requires 3 Senior in Cadet Program Specialty track we have 5.

From 8 new cadets with their “First Flight” now we have 17.

From 6 cadets with Encampment now we have 11.

From 5 cadets that cadet earned their Wright Brothers Milestone Award now, we have 9.

From only 5 cadets with General Emergency Service for the last 3 years… now we have 17.


 This is your Award, you earned it and you deserve it. 


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